8+ Little Vintage Garden Decor and Storage Ideas

Vintage Garden Decor and Storage

The vintage style doesn’t have to be limited to the inside of your house. You can take it outside into your garden, with these simple and elegant vintage garden decor ideas.

Vintage Style Planters

Anything made out of premium vintage style materials (wood, wicker, glass, enamel, galvanised metal) can be used to house plants, and will also act as decor pieces. Have a look at all the different planters in the vintage garden in picture (1).

An old wooden ladder can be used to hang up plants (2), garden tools, or string lights. While a wooden step ladder can be used as shelving for pots.

Wicker baskets can be used as planters or to store fire wood or garden tools.

Other creative ways to house plants include using galvanised buckets or watering cans. Or how about using crates – just like in picture (3), these can also be used to store garden tools.

Using glass bottles is an elegant way of decorating the garden with a few stem of flowers. These glass bottles can be hung up with twine, as seen in the wedding photo (4).

Vintage Lighting Ideas for Your Garden

Glass bottles and jars can also be used as hanging candle holders just like the garden in picture (5) – creating a soft and romantic glow around the garden.

Another way to light up the garden would be to use party string lights (the ones with yellow bulbs). These string lights can be:

  • Wrapped around trees
  • Hung over bushes
  • Attached to a patio umbrella
  • Wrapped around deck railings or furniture
  • Hung up in rows on a wall to create a curtain of lighting
  • Or hung overhead in rows to create a starry night effect

Use string lights with the large bulbs to add a more vintage style to your garden.

Other Vintage Gaden Decor Items

Here is a quick list of other vintage decor accessories to have around the garden:

  • Wooden shutters – these can be functional shutters (6), or they can hang to the side of the windows and act as decorative wall elements.
  • Wooden clothes pegs are small, but add a little bit of vintage flair when hanging up your laundry (7)
  • If you are able to find antique garden tools, or just good looking ones, these can left out on display to add to the design and style of your garden (8)
  • Some other decor items to consider include old wooden signs or a weather vane
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