The 5 Types of Vintage Storage and Organization Ideas

The 5 Types of Vintage Storage and Organization Ideas

Premium materials. That’s all you need to think about when decorating a vintage style home. Glass, leather, wicker, and metal are some examples. Just stay away from plastic.

The 5 stylish vintage storage ideas below will show you the right materials and items to use to store things around the house.

1) Vintage Suitcase Storage

Old vintage suitcases can used to store items under the bed. Or they can turned into makeshift side tables (seen in picture (1)) or coffee tables with storage. The same can be done with a wooden chest or trunk (2).

2) Glass Jars and Bottles

From housing plants and candles, to all the ingredients in the kitchen, glass bottles and jars are an elegant way to store so many items around the house.

You can fill them up with soaps and liquids in the kitchen and bathroom, getting rid of branded plastic bottles – just like in the kitchen in picture (3).

For more ideas on using glass jars and bottles, have a look at my mood board here: A Simple Guide To Using Vintage Glass Bottles Around the House

3) Wicker, Wire, Metal and Galvanised

Some other vintage storage ideas include using wire baskets (4) and wicker baskets, hampers, trays, trunks, boxes, or bins (5) (6).

Try finding industrial metal tool bins, just like the ones seen in picture (7). You’ve also got galvanised buckets and watering cans.

4) Enamel

Enamel containers will look great on open shelving in your kitchen. They can be used to store ingredients such as sugar, salt, coffee, and bread. (8)

5) Custom Labels

To create your own vintage storage containers, you can buy more modern containers and decorate them with your own custom labels. Stay tuned as I’ll be making some that you can download – just like the one in picture (9) in the mood board – sign up in the sidebarĀ and I’ll message you when they are ready.

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