A Simple Guide To Using Vintage Glass Bottles and Jars Around the House

Storage Ideas: Vintage Bottles and Jars

One of the best ways to create elegant and uncluttered vintage decor in your house is to store items in well designed storage pieces. Glass jars can be used in every single room in the house to store small items.

All Around the Kitchen

In the kitchen vintage style glass containers can be used:

  • To store ingredients. Put these glass containers on open shelving so they add to the decor in the kitchen (as seen in picture (1) in the mood board above)
  • As servers (for vinegar, salt and pepper, salad dressing, etc.) (2)
  • As drinks, soda, or milk containers (3), or dispensers (4)
  • Glass bottles can be used to replace the plastic containers of hand soap and dish washing liquid creating a vintage style around the sink, seen in picture (5)

In The Bathroom

In the bathroom, the same can be done with the liquids you have around the sink. Replace any plastic or ugly containers with elegant glass ones.

Pour your hand soap into a glass dispenser, or if you can find a vintage perfume bottles – fill that up with your favourite perfume. These glass containers will add to the style and decor of your bathroom.

Homemade Vintage Bottles

It’s not always easy to find vintage bottles. A way around this is to buy bottles that have a vintage style and glue on printable labels (6) (sign up in the sidebar and I’ll let you know when these will be ready to¬†download).

A Dash of Green and Fire

All around the house vintage bottles can be used to house plants (7), or even just a stem. They can also be used as candle stands or house votive candles.

Or combine plants and candles with vintage glass containers to create a vintage centrepiece for your living room coffee table or dining table (8).

For simple ideas and a mood board on how to store larger items, using trunks/crates etc, have a look at my post here: The 5 Types of Vintage Storage and Organization Ideas

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A Quick List of Vintage Bedroom Storage Ideas

Vintage Bedroom Storage Ideas

The good thing about keeping and organising items in your bedroom into vintage style storage is that they add to the style and decor of the room – without cluttering up the space.

Here are some quick storage decorating ideas to get you going:

  • Wooden crates can be used to create your own custom shelving (1)
  • Vintage suitcases can be used to store things under the bed – they can also be used as a side table with hidden storage space just like in picture (2)
  • Wire baskets can be used to store linens (3), blankets, dirty laundry, or magazine.
  • A old wooden leaning ladder can hang up clothes and blankets. While a wooden step ladder can be used as a side table (4)
  • An vintage style picture frame or mirror frame can be repurposed to hang and display jewellery (5)
  • Putting a vintage trunk at the foot of the bed will act as storage and doubles as a changing bench
  • See what items in your bedroom can be stored in modern wicker baskets and hampers – for example shoes can be stored in wicker hampers.
  • A wicker basket or a galvanised bucket can act as a trashcan
  • Replace any plastic you have around your dresser vanity (lotions, make up, etc) with elegant and chic glass bottles. These glass bottles can also be used to house plants

Storage Tips and Vintage Bedroom Ideas

When it comes to vintage inspired furniture pieces, go with wooden or metal. The raw material will give a more rustic/industrial vintage style. Or for a more colorful option, go with a chip painted style (can be done DIY) in a pastel shade – just like in picture (6).

Storing everything in good looking containers on open shelving will add to the style and the vintage decor of the room (7). Check out the old suitcases, wicker baskets, and tin containers, glass containers in picture (8).

When looking for storage ideas and designs, just remember to use premium materials. Wood, wicker, steel, galvanised metal, enamel, and glass will all create elegant storage and decor in your bedroom.

image credits: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8

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